FHA and VA Changes; Agency Deals Continue to Share Risk


Posted To: Pipeline Press

“Rob, should we be staffing up for another refi boom?” It seems like most lenders are pausing during the holidays to take stock of current staffing levels before adjusting them one way or another. Or running “what if” scenarios through someone like Riivos . In terms of the pool of eligible loans to refinance, who’s left out there? The loans you originated since September? If their property values haven’t slid, watch out for early pay-off penalties from investors! In terms of much older loans, most analysts will tell you that the amount of “refinance-able” mortgages just isn’t very big, and that the vast majority of every loan over 5.5% hasn’t been refinanced simply because for one reason or another, the borrower can’t. (By the way, Freddie Mac…(read more)

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