FHA and VA Updates; U.S. Economy Continues to Strengthen


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Let’s end the week with a non-mortgage related note about nature. You Tube has a live webcam a live webcam in the San Francisco Presidio of a Red-Tailed Hawk nest. Not much happens when its dark, but recently an egg was laid! Hawks couldn’t care less about legal settlements, but Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.’s bankruptcy estate will pay $2.38 billion to compensate for its role in the mortgage crisis , helping us put more issues behind us. FHA and VA News The MBA’s latest application survey showed that the FHA share decreased to 10.1%. Still, it is a valuable, and profitable, piece of the origination pie for most lenders. But the White House has moved at a painfully slow pace with some financial services nominees (e.g., Federal Reserve posts, FHA commissioner, FDIC)….(read more)

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