FHA, Lenders, and Investors Continue HMDA Changes


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Congrats to The Money Source. It is on a major hiring spree to build an in-house ad agency in the greater Detroit area. The marketing team will serve and promote the fintech company’s rapidly growing $21 billion customer portfolio. At the other end of the scale…These aren’t the first, and won’t be the last in a business where many are experiencing contracting volumes and contracting margins. Bank of the Ozarks of Little Rockwill stop originating home loans for resale on the secondary market, a line of business that had “operated at essentially break-even.” And I’ve heard from a few people that wholesaler 1st California Mortgage (First Cal) will fund its last loan later this week, after reportedly eliminating its AE workforce several weeks ago and perhaps switching its focus to servicing….(read more)

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