FHA Portfolio Case Study; Ginnie Mae Changes Cause Confusion


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Whenever I mention changes in LO compensation versus changes in lender profit margins, my cat Myrtle seems entirely disinterested. (Come to think of it, aside from salmon leftovers and near-sighted plump lizards, Myrtle spends much of every day being disinterested.) Loan Officer compensation, and comp in general, is very, very important to many and is typically the lion’s share of any lender’s expenses. And LO comp has been the topic of most mortgage industry discussions over the last 6-9 months. But nobody appeared ready to pull the trigger to reduce commission rates. Some leaders are looking hard to sales management layers with a view to eliminating Regional Managers who are not contributing. But LOs or AEs pulling their weight continue to be in high demand. Ginnie Mae (FHA and…(read more)

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