Flipped Home Market Share Surpasses 2006 Levels, But Things Are Different This Time


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Home flipping, buying a property with the intent to sell it in a short period of time at a profit, is more popular than almost ever , but a study by CoreLogic finds it has morphed into a different kind of business. Flippers are tending to hold on to property longer, and to add value rather than relying only on rates of appreciation. For the purposes of its study on the subject, CoreLogic used a two-year period to define a flip rather than the 12-months commonly employed. It did this to match the Internal Revenue Service’s threshold for when real estate holdings can be considered owner-occupied and thus eligible for those capital gains exceptions. The longer holding period also makes a property eligible for the long-term rather than the higher short-term capital gains tax rate. Flipping has…(read more)

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