Flood Insurance Update; What’s New with Fannie & Freddie?


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May is Older Americans Month. Underwriters probably know that about 21% of the labor force is comprised of men 65 and older and only 13.5% of women in the same age range. 79% of older Americans owned their homes as of fourth quarter 2015. Now, the moment you all didn’t know you were waiting for: there are roughly 53,000 Americans aged 100 and older. For every 100 centenarian women there are only 21 centenarian men. Chase recently hosted its inaugural Mortgage Banking Executive Summit in New York City, an intimate gathering of senior mortgage professionals to learn about and discuss topics that are shaping the industry. The event featured a number of sessions from JPMorgan Chase leaders and industry experts who addressed a wide-range of topics including: the 2016 presidential election and its…(read more)

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