For Mortgage Rates, “High 3’s” In Sight Once Again


Posted To: Mortgage Rate Watch

Mortgage rates took the day to do just a little bit more of what they’ve been doing in fairly grand fashion for the past week: MOVE LOWER! When the good times started in earnest (after last week’s Fed Announcement), rates were already in line with their lowest levels in more than a year. As of today, they’re another quarter or a percentage point (0.25%) lower. In other words, if you’d been looking at a quote of 4.375% last Tuesday, you’d likely be seeing 4.125% today. Whether or not that’s the conventional 30yr fixed quote you’re seeing depends on a variety of factors. But certainly, for anyone with more than 20% equity and strong credit/income, 4.125% is a given and 4.0% is increasingly available. Seeing 4.0% means that a few of the most aggressive lenders are going to be offering 3.875% on…(read more)

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