Fraud, Broker, and LO Products; Correspondent/Wholesale Changes


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A mile is 5,280 feet. And Central Park Tower on West 57th St. in Manhattan now stands at 1,550 feet, about a third of a mile. I mention this because it is now the tallest residential building in the world , and if you’d like to pony up $6.9 million for a unit, now’s your chance. When the builder starts cutting prices, we’ll know that we’re in a slowdown, but until then the press can focus on overseas economies slowing, trade concerns, and persistently weak inflation in the U.S. possibly leading to a U.S. slowdown. Many believe that at some point all this talk of a slowdown or recession in this country will become a self-fulfilling prophecy . It is interesting that President Trump wants the Fed to cut rates to zero, the sign of a stumbling economy which is not what we…(read more)

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