Freddie Mac Sees Market for SFR Securitizations


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Earlier this week we summarized a new White Paper from Freddie Mae detailing the growing importance of single-family properties within the U.S. rental market, especially in rural areas. With the large number of such rentals – an estimated 25 million out of 43 million total units – and the recent history of growth in this segment, Freddie Mac says it is important to consider “where the money for acquisitions comes from, how properties are financed, and what are the fundamental terms of that financing.” Not only can the answers impact millions of renters, but also tens of millions of properties owners and the answers often vary by the kind of ownership. While single-family rentals (SFR) have traditionally been the province of small and very small investors (those owning 1 to 10 units and 11 to…(read more)

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