Ginnie, Freedom, and loanDepot; Digital Trends Report; Rule 4210 Delayed Again


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Rumors of a cancelled President’s Club award event in a mortgage division of a bank in the Northwest have tongues wagging about acquisition rumors by a larger bank. Certainly 2018 was a year filled with rumors, and 2019 is beginning the same way whether it is with depositories or top 10 wholesalers. Hopefully significant job cuts are behind us as an industry although margins and industry volumes are not magically rebounding. Why would they? Along those lines, Ginnie Mae, with 140 or so employees overseeing $2 trillion of securities, is doing stress tests and has asked several non-bank lenders to improve financial metrics before receiving full approval to continue issuing Ginnie-backed mortgage bonds. Lender Products and Services Looking for ways to grow your business? Freddie Mac is collaborating…(read more)

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