Guild & Quicken in the Media; 2 Sides to the FHA About-Face; Events/Conferences


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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those that lost their lives in storms in the South and East. On the other coast, Los Angeles has received more rain over the weekend than in all of 2013! And while we’re talking about extremes, the definition of “mansion” can be relative. Whatever it means, exactly, is unknown, but Bruce Springsteen is selling his . Mortgage companies in the news? Sometimes, even when it is good news and helpful to the borrower, the tone of the reporter(s) makes it disdainful . Take this TV story on Guild Mortgage offering the loan program from Unison that splits the down payment in exchange for future equity. (“Do you mean, the borrower actually has to pay something back?”) Quicken Loans received some press over the weekend . The government…(read more)

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