HARP Extended; Continued Conventional Conforming Changes


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“Rob, have you seen any place where I can see individual lender stats for VA loans?” Sure. Here it is . Knock yourself out. For you CFPB watchers, it has ordered First National Bank of Omaha to provide $108 per head, or $27.75 million, in relief to roughly 257,000 consumers harmed by illegal practices with credit card add-on products. See? Mortgages aren’t the only industry in its crosshairs. BuckleySandler partners Andrew L. Sandler and Valerie Hletko led the team that advised First National Bank of Omaha in relation to the CFPB’s most recent Order. (CFPB Press Release: http://bit.ly/2bK0h74 ). Yesterday a little uncertainty was removed from the conventional conforming arena. The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA), which runs Freddie & Fannie for the U.S. Government, has…(read more)

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