HELOC, M&A, and Bank Updates; Chapter 11 for Ditech’s Parent?


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The average age of a loan officer is 73. Okay, just kidding. But as anyone in the lending industry and others age, they begin to worry about things such as dementia. (Insert capital markets joke here.) Early detection is critical, and the University of Chicago reports that a simple test smelling 5 different odors of peppermint, fish, orange, rose and leather may help. It seems about 80% of people who only detected 1-2 scents in the research were diagnosed with dementia when tested 5 years later. So, if the guy in the cubicle next door says something about “passing the smell test…” Bank News Regulators love to receive kudos from other regulators about penalties. Don’t be surprised if something like this comes along in the home loan biz. Yesterday the Federal Reserve Board…(read more)

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