HMDA Training; Misc. Updates on Policies, Documentation, and Underwriting


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I do my best to group updates to create a narrative that is more “user friendly” than to just throw news out there. But some updates don’t fit into convenient groups, like “FHA & VA,” or “CFPB-related policy changes” that lenders implement. So periodically I throw a bunch out there to give readers a sense of miscellaneous trends and developments that might be of use regarding TRID, eNotes, documentation, whatever. Citibank has reviewed and updated its group of TILA / RESPA Integrated Disclosure Rule (TRID) best practice documents. The number of documents has been reduced to 3. One specific to the Loan Estimate (CL310), one specific to the Closing Disclosure (CL311) and the last covering general TRID-related topics (CL312). All three documents are available now on, in the Quality…(read more)

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