HMDA Will Announce 20 Percent Origination Surge -CoreLogic


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Touting its record of on-target estimate, CoreLogic has again anticipated the official conclusions about 2015 mortgage originations in advance of the annual release of HMDA data. The Home Mortgage Disclosure Act (as amended by the Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act) mandates lenders to maintain and report data on mortgage denial rates, borrower and applicant information, mortgage pricing, and the level of originations. The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau is the recipient of lender reports and will release 2015 data in September. Principal Economists Molly Boesel, writing in the company’s Insights blog says last year when CoreLogic did an advanced estimate on mortgage originations using public records deed information it missed the actual CFPB numbers by 4 percent …(read more)

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