HOA and Legal Developments; MI and Other Insurance News


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Want to comment on TRID & Reg. Z? Click on the ” How to Comment ” button. Better to do it now, good or bad, than to complain about it after the comment period ends. Switching gears to legal issues…What’s this? Lawyers giving lawyers a bad name relating to mortgages? Only in Chicago! The industry took notice of a recent ruling that showed the foreclosure of Nevada HOA “Super Lien” cannot extinguish a mortgage lender’s security interest . (In other HOA news, Wells Fargo expanded it Homeowners Association Certification Review for condominiums under the Non-Conforming Program. Under the Wells Fargo HOA Certification Review, at least 50% of the units sold must be sold to owner occupants for use as primary residences or second homes.) Did PricewaterhouseCoopers fail to spot, for seven years…(read more)

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