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Mortgage bankers have plenty of interests. Baconry, for example. (It’s like falconry, or reverse animal husbandry.) Another is the study of real estate agents. When you survey 201,000 National Association of Realtors members (out of the 1.3 members – half of all active licensees) you come up with only 12,495 usable responses (6.2%). Apathy aside, if one extrapolates the responses, the typical Realtor (love that capital R, and registered!) is a 54-year-old white woman who attended college, is a homeowner, and began her career in management, business, finance, or in sales and retail. 29% of members have less than two years of experience. Realtors’ median age was 54 this year, 63% are female, only 5% reported real estate was their first career, 72% said that real estate was their…(read more)

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