Hurricane Stricken States Now Seriously Delinquent


Posted To: MND NewsWire

Black Knight notes a significant uptick in seriously delinquent mortgages in December. The number of loans that were 90 or more days overdue increased by 60,000 during the month to 726,000. This is 44,000 more delinquencies than were recorded in December 2016. Although seasonal and calendar related pressures contributed to the increase, the company, in its “First Look” at the month’s loan performance data, attributed much of the increase to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma which struck several coastal states in September and October respectively. An estimated 40,200 90+ day delinquencies are blamed on Hurricane Harvey which hit the Gulf Coast of Texas and 102,500 on Irma which affected almost the entire State of Florida and the eastern part of Georgia. Florida now has the largest share of severely…(read more)

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