Impac Leadership Change; 17-35 Year-Olds Moving Housing


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Today the House Financial Services subcommittee is holding another hearing on GSE reform. Nothing is simple, but with Congress we really have an uphill battle. It would be good if more folks joined the Mortgage Action Alliance . It’s free. Critics ask, despite the best efforts of our industry, how can we expect Congress to spring into action on reforming the GSEs with F&F earning billions, or tackle housing reform, when it can’t even come to a consensus about legislation for bump fire stocks (aka bump stocks) for guns? Few issues seem straightforward any more. The Millennial Whoop When all is said and done, is the new generation (born 1982-2000) of potential home buyers much different than any other generation? When you were 20 years old, did you own a home? Despite being weary of being…(read more)

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