Investor Updates and UW Changes; Lots Going on in Capital Markets


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Thousands of lenders around the nation, in one form or another, donate to charities. But here’s an interesting twist on that. Todd Potter, SVP & National Sales Manager for Envoy Mortgage, writes, “23 lenders qualified for the Envoy Correspondent’s 2016 Charity Award$ Challenge. The program created specifically for out mortgage lenders to give back to the causes they support. Lenders who fund more than $15 million in production can donate up to $30,000 to a nonprofit of their choice. In 2016 these donations total almost $250,000 to more than 40 deserving and diverse nonprofits.” Investor Updates and UW Changes Due to investor guidelines, loan files may require a verification of the borrower’s Social Security Number, through the Social Security Administration or other…(read more)

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