Jumbo Channel Changes; Disaster Policy News; IT Risk


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Does anyone really know for sure what happens in China? With that many billion people there are a lot of moving parts. For example, the PBOC is easing some mortgage down payment rules for certain home buyers, lowering the amount to 20-25%. (In Chile it is the same.) There is legislation afoot to eliminate the caps on VA loans , which will make them much more popular in high cost areas. Basically it will become a no money down jumbo. It has passed the House, and the prospects are good in the Senate and the White House. A First Community Mortgage recent announcement pertains to its Non-Conforming Jumbo program. Fifth Third Mortgage’s March communication addresses updates to all Freddie Mac and Non-Agency Jumbo Products Condominium requirements, its Ineligible Condo List and an appraisal document…(read more)

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