Jumbo Mortgage Trends And The Declining Middle Class – Billionaires’ Cash Reserves


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There are two and a half weeks before Labor Day, the traditional end of summer. For those out and about, and who like ice cream, MM sent along a list of the best ice cream in each state .” This proves many things, two of which are that a) Baby Boomers like lists, and b) ice cream preference is very, very subjective. What’s that you say? You don’t have time to read through an ice cream list? Maybe you’d rather spend your time watching the 1+ hour video put out by the CFPB on HMDA implementation . Don’t want to do that either? Is that because “someone else” in your company will watch it? Hey, what if your company caters to high net worth people…and that is where all your lending takes place? First Republic discusses how FRC has built a niche business focused on wealthy customers although this…(read more)

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