Legal and Regulatory Update; Credit Risk Transfers; 2016 Non-Agency Issuance Stats


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Well, we have 24 business days until our next Federal holiday (President’s Day on February 20). Sigh. Much worse is this very, very sad, troubling statistic: News came out that drug overdoses are involved in more deaths than car crashes and guns. U.S. deaths from drug overdoses (driven by heroin and prescription painkillers) were up 11 percent in 2015, claiming 52,404 lives, per the annual statistics compiled by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Terrible. Legal & Regulatory Matters Remember TARP? Last week the GAO announced the release of its report providing an update on the status and condition of Treasury’s TARP-funded housing programs as of October 31, 2016. Per the report, Treasury had disbursed nearly 60 percent or $22.6 billion of the $37.51 billion assigned to…(read more)

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