Lehman Legal Update; Capital Markets Changes for the Good – MBS From SoFi?


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Here’s something you won’t see in North America: the sale and transfer of 1.3% of the last mass of the continent. It just happened in Australia with the purchase of the Kidman Estate . (No relation to Nicole.) For Australians Christmas comes during the summer, somewhat hard for Americans to fathom. While we wait for the day, here’s a list of holiday facts from the Census Bureau. Last December our nation’s department stores saw $23.8 billion in retail sales, or 14.3% to total 2015 sales for department stores. $1.1 billion is the value of U.S. imports of Christmas tree ornaments from China; 92% of total ornament imports. $346 million is the value of Christmas tree lights from China; 87% of total imports. $392.0 million is the value of U.S. imports of tapered candles in 2015. Many…(read more)

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