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Are we destined to have robots making home loans ? I sure hope not, although no one has ever accused robots of being shilly-shally. And I sure hope that the cover of this recent New Yorker is not prophetic. Lender News The CEO of Stifel Financial said while the number of bank M&A deals has been flat from 2017 vs. 2016, he expects an increase in bank M&A in 2018 due to regulatory changes. For mortgge banks, this isn’t the first, won’t be the last… another lender was purchased, this time in Northern California. The Capital Corps, LLC, which caters to “non-traditional borrowers,” has made a ” strategic investment ” in Commerce Home Mortgage. Commerce has 25 lending offices located in California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida and Georgia. For its part, “The Capital Corps target borrowers…(read more)

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