Lender and Bank Mergers Continue; Powell: More Short Term Rate Hikes


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Every home owner was, at one time, a first-time home buyer, right? Now it seems that every lender, investor, politician, and special interest group is focused on the fabled first-time buyers. Most are in their 20s or early 30s, and yes, they want to own a place of their own. Lots of folks like lists, and any loan officer in these “Top 10 places for First Time Home Buyers” had better have a set of decent down payment assistance programs up their sleeves. On the front end of this, here is information on how some builders are making plenty of profit building entry level new homes. Mergers and Acquisitions These days not a day goes by without someone asking me about this or that rumor. Unfortunately, we’ll see plenty of lenders quietly scaling back, or going away entirely, without…(read more)

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