Lender and Investment Bank Updates – New Products; All Eyes on Fed


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Per Fed Chair Janet Yellen, the Federal Reserve has been working to revise post-crisis financial regulations, making them less onerous and better suited to individual banks’ size and complexity. “For community banks, which by and large avoided the risky business practices that contributed to the financial crisis, we have been focused on making sure that much-needed improvements to regulation and supervision since the crisis are appropriate and not unduly burdensome” Nice. Lenders Making Moves With New Products “Rob, is Quicken Loans buying & selling real estate?” Technically no, but in a manner yes. If you want the full details you should contact someone at the Quicken Loans Family of Companies (QLFOC, this industry is obsessed with acronyms) since this entity owns both Quicken Loans…(read more)

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