Lender Disaster Updates; Investor SRP and LLPA Changes


Posted To: Pipeline Press

There is some rate and price at which a borrower and lender will meet, whether it is residential loans, commercial, personal, auto, etc. But apparently overall bank lending is slowing , a potential response to political uncertainty (and an economic development with negative portents). The WSJ notes how bank lending is tracking up 5% vs. +6.4% for all of 2016 and a peak of ~8% in mid-2016. The deceleration has been broad-based. The slowdown in C&I (commercial and industrial) lending has been especially noticeable. It’s been a rough winter for disaster news at various lenders , including yesterday’s deadly tornadoes in Illinois, Missouri, Tennessee, Indiana and Iowa. Let’s look at some disaster news from various lenders and investors. A few weeks ago, FEMA announced Amendment No. 2 to DR…(read more)

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