Lender Price Changes; Upcoming Events; Implications of UG/Arch Deal


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Only two weeks until Labor Day? How did that happen? Will AIG and Arch MI figure out which reps have which territories after the purchase of UG goes through by then? (Doubtful – but the spoils generally go to the victor although I am sure area market share is a factor.) Celebrating Labor Day goes back to a “workingmen’s holiday” in the 1800s and the first Monday in September was designated “Labor Day” in 1894. Leave it to our Census Bureau to tell us that there are 159 million people aged 16 and over working in the U.S., of which about 10% belong to a union. Unfortunately, on average men earn $50,383, while women only earn $39,621. Want a growth field? Don’t be scared of heights: the projected percentage growth from 2014 to 2024 in the number of wind turbine service technicians is 108% (the…(read more)

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