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In non-residential news, just because people have to eat doesn’t mean every grocery store chain thrives. There is chatter out there in the commercial sector that Southeastern Grocers (think Winn-Dixie, Bi-Lo, Harvey’s, Fresco y Mas) could be heading for a bankruptcy filing. The firm has a significant amount of debt maturing over the next two years: Supermarket News . Servicing News and Primer Wells Fargo has about $1.5 trillion in servicing. But non-banks have certainly jumped convincingly into the top 10, with LoanCare, Lakeview, Quicken, PennyMac, and others. Wells and US Bancorp have recently seen some rare growth in mortgage servicing portfolios, however, and the two of them report a sequential improvement in their total mortgage servicing portfolios for Q3 2017 – making this…(read more)

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