LIBOR Update; Economy Readings Solid


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Nearly every residential lender is selectively scaling back, or rumored to be scaling back, for a multitude of reasons. Suddenly a company cutting a LO who is barely doing one loan a month, or shuttering a continuously unprofitable branch, is turned by the rumor mill into an entire region being closed, or a company shutting down. Interesting times. Remember the source of news! Upcoming Events Is it true that the best dinner party in the world is the one that’s cancelled? Nah, not always. Let’s check on some upcoming events with more substance than a dinner event. This week is a webinar titled, “Mortgage Sales & Marketing Boot Camp: 6 Secrets to Sales Management” on Friday, May 11, from 10-10:45AM PT. Register here . “If you’re a sales manager looking…(read more)

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