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“Rob, one of my LOs was heard about a program that offers 97% 1st with no MI and up to a 105% CLTV with a community 2nd, when approved for the 1st, they’re approved for the 2nd. A shared appreciation model with 0% on the 2nd. True? I am not your “deal desk” but I think you’re talking about the “Lakeview No MI With Community Second.” (Finding a program & guidelines to fit a particular borrower outweigh guessing interest rate direction. If you want a decent list of states and who offers what in each, check out www.mortgageelements.com – a great source, and The Rule Tool , below, shows underwriting guidelines.) Lender Products and Services It’s hard to believe March is already here and home buying season is almost upon us. However, it’s…(read more)

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