LO Jobs; Warehouse Products; 1099 Comp – Brokers and MBA Weigh In


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I hope that I never get to the point of writing things down on my “to do” list even after I’ve done them, just so I can cross them off the list. Or enjoying combining multiple “to do” lists into a master list, although (maybe) I’m already there. Many people in our industry wish the CFPB, or someone, would add “clear up mortgage loan officer compensation issues” on their list. We don’t want borrowers steered, but is there a loophole being exploited? If a broker has a set comp plan with Wholesaler A at 1.75% and Wholesaler B at .75%, and steers less sophisticated borrowers to Wholesaler A, is that legal? Kosher? Is the CFPB looking at whether or not a broker has standardized comp across all wholesalers? Lots more below. Lender Products and…(read more)

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