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Last week I noted a STRATMOR study that shows, pretty much year in and year out, that traditionally, 82% of residential production comes from 40% of the loan officers out there. Thank you to Kirk H., who sent a note and video on Price’s Law: The square root of the people in any domain do 50% of all the work. If there are 100 FTEs at your company, are 10 of them doing half the work? If so, let’s hope you’re one of the ten since lenders will continue to adjust their costs to their volume as we head into 2019. Speaking of streamlining, lender M&A is expected to continue into 2019, the latest example coming from Massachusetts where New Fed Mortgage Corp. will acquire Commonwealth Mortgage LLC . Lender Products and Services LegacyTexas Bank, Warehouse Lending is eNote Ready…(read more)

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