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One of my early jobs was digging fence post holes and picking up dropped nails for a builder in 100 degree heat. No one wants to do that anymore? In builder-land, chronic labor shortages are changing the way many firms recruit and compensate workers, according to a new AGC report . Lender News Student lender Earnest was purchased by Navient Corp., one of the largest U.S. companies that collects payments on student debt . Navient, which spun off from student lender SLM Corp. (Sallie Mae) in 2014, effectively jumped into the lending business on Wednesday by paying $155 million in cash for Earnest. Navient plans to maintain the Earnest brand as a separate unit, which will be led by its co-founders, Louis Beryl and Ben Hutchinson. Navient services more than $300 billion in education loans for more…(read more)

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