Loan Defect Report; Shutdown and Possible Impact on Lenders; Verus Non-QM Deal


Posted To: Pipeline Press

Welcome to the Winter Solstice with more daylight in the Northern Hemisphere every day for the next six months. Today is definitely greeted by residents of Fairbanks, Alaska where the sun sets at 2:40 in the afternoon (with a high temperature of -14). More sunlight isn’t all that’s going to be happening. According to Private Communities Registry (PCR), an online resource for real estate shoppers interested in “amenity-rich, master-planned lifestyle communities,” buyers do their most serious research for a second home in the winter, right after Christmas . What else? Oh yeah, another potential government shut down. We’ve been through this before, right? Caribou and hibernating animals will have to leave the national parks. Lots more below. Shut Down A shutdown would…(read more)

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