MBS Day Ahead: 2 Ways to Look at Bonds “Best Rally” of 2018


Posted To: MBS Commentary

You may have noticed that, as of February 22nd, bonds haven't been experiencing the same sort of pain that characterized the first month and a half of 2018. We've been discussing the ensuing weeks as a sort of sideways consolidation, but could it grow into something more? There are two ways to answer that question. Actually, there are more than 2 ways, but only 2 that we'll examine today. The first is to look at more exotic technical indicators (relative to simple trend-lines and pivot points, anyway. There are certainly far more exotic studies than these). The chart below has what you might call the more mainstream exotic technical indicators: Bollinger Bands (a 21-day exponential moving average with 2 standard deviations on either side) and the fast/slow stochastics, a momentum…(read more)

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