MBS Day Ahead: Action-Packed With Fed, NFP, and Weekend Anxiety


Posted To: MBS Commentary

It's an action-packed week for global financial markets, with several major motivations to consider. First and foremost, this is the first day of a new month. Just as the last day of any given month can be volatile due to " month-end trading, " the first day of any given month can see the pendulum swing in the other direction . The last 3 days of April were all winners for bond markets, so the implied risk from a tradeflow perspective is for bond selling. Beyond the general tradeflow risks, there are a few big-ticket calendar events to be aware of. The first of the two heavy hitters will be the FOMC Announcement on Wednesday afternoon. The prevailing belief is that the Fed is most likely to make changes to policy at the meetings that include a Yellen press conference (every other…(read more)

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