MBS Day Ahead: Amid Quiet Week, Bonds Try Again


Posted To: MBS Commentary

This week's economic calendar is generally on the quiet side with Retail Sales being the only upper-echelon report in terms of its potential impact on bonds. Apart from econ data, there are a fair amount of Fed speakers on tap, but the lineup doesn't look impressive in terms of who's speaking and at what time of day. Specifically, most of the speakers are broken records (we know how they feel) and several of the speeches occur well after they'd stand a chance to impact trading on any given day. Monday and Friday are completely silent in terms of econ data. Combine that with the fact that it's mid-month, and it looks like a good week for strategic absences among traders. We'll know shortly if this is having a material effect on volume/volatility. One reason it might not…(read more)

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