MBS Day Ahead: Bonds At Mercy of Earnings Ramp-Up, But Curve Could Help


Posted To: MBS Commentary

The term "earnings season" gets thrown around quite a bit in financial news, but what is it, exactly? Simply put, it's a period of several weeks each quarter where a majority of companies release their earnings reports. This is always of interest to the stock market as it's something of a report card for parents wondering how their children are doing in school. The first quarter of 2018 is especially interesting due to tax law changes. It's as if the children are in a new school or using some revolutionary new study aid. All that to say: the number of earnings releases went from the teens to the 40's yesterday as it builds toward more than 200 next Wednesday and more than 300 on the following Wednesday. Bonds don't necessarily care as much as stocks, but they still…(read more)

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