MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Hoping to Confirm Last Week’s Potential Shift


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Technicals were looking good late last week But some risk that month-end trading was painting a rosy picture we'll find out this week! Last week marked the first convincing attempt on the part of the bond market to break the uptrend that began on April 8th. That trend carried 10yr yields from just under 1.7 to 1.94 before the Fed Announcement finally put an end to it. But with the Fed Announcement on Wednesday and month-end on Friday, was that enough time to 'confirm' the shift that some of the technical indicators suggested? First of all, let's break down what we mean by a " technical shift ." Simply put, these are tipping points at which various technical studies (math and rules applied to market movement designed to assess momentum and potential shifts in trends…(read more)

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