MBS Day Ahead: Bonds Try to Defend Ceilings Amid Limited Data


Posted To: MBS Commentary

While there are certainly some weeks with far fewer economic reports on tap, the week ahead is still on the light side when it comes to the data that has been moving markets of late. A few of the reports (like GDP and Durable Goods, for instance) have historical street cred, but they're not in the same league as the key inflation metrics at the moment. It was the Consumer Price Index (CPI) that served as the last major market mover in terms of economic data (Friday before last). That instance of CPI is still important to the current theme, because it gave bonds an opportunity to more forcefully shift into a more positive stance, yet the entirety of the following week (last week) was spent moving into weaker territory. That first 4 days of last week could have been seen as a sign that bonds…(read more)

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