MBS Day Ahead: Bounce Risk Remains; Hoping For Pre-Fed Consolidation


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Consolidation … That's that word we use to refer to sideways and frequently narrower trading ranges that follow a period of more directional movement (you can click on the word to go to a full definition). Consolidation is the best case scenario right now, when it comes to defining the modest weakness seen yesterday and so far this morning. In other words, we would hope that we're merely seeing a consolidation of the strong rally of the past 5 weeks as opposed to a reversal. Would a consolidation be better than a continuation of the rally? In my mind, yes! We don't want the rally to progress too far too quickly for a variety of reasons. As with most things in the natural world, slower and steadier is more sustainable. Next week's Fed announcement would be an ideal finish line…(read more)

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