MBS Day Ahead: Checking in With Long Term Trends in Stocks and Bonds


Posted To: MBS Commentary

10yr yields still consolidating in bigger picture. "triangles" often throw head-fakes Stocks' fate still unclear Retail Sales is only big-ticket data Today brings the only meaningful economic data of the week in the form of Retail Sales (which will likely be out by the time you read this). The median forecast is for a 0.8 percent increase after last month's 0.4 percent decrease. While Retail Sales can always be a market mover in the short term, it's not at all likely that it will affect the big picture trends in today's charts. I wanted to take a step back and look at that bigger picture, just to emphasize a few points. For bonds, the point is that we're squeezing into an increasingly narrow/low range very close to all-time lows (that's "close" in…(read more)

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