MBS Day Ahead: Every NFP Week is Important Until Fed Hike (or Lack Thereof)


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Back in 2015–almost exactly a year ago, actually–the order of the day was determining the timing of the Fed's first rate hike since the financial crisis. By late October, we knew the hike was finally coming in December. Investors figured the Fed would deliver the news in a a dovish way, and that future hikes would be much more spaced out than in previous hiking cycles. Even before December, there were a few economically bearish analysts calling for a "one and done" rate hike. So far, they've been right, as the Fed has gone an impressive 7.5 months without ever looking too serious about pulling the trigger on another hike. The Fed MIGHT be thinking about the possibility of considering getting slightly more serious about another hike as we head into the end of the year. They…(read more)

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