MBS Day Ahead: First and Last Day of True Bond Market Weakness in March


Posted To: MBS Commentary

While the notion that "all good things come to an end" is the subject of philosophical debate, it's a safe bet that all awesome bond rallies will eventually meet resistance. For the first time in the entire month of March, the bond market is exhibiting some weakness that's worth mentioning. Until now, the worst thing you could say about this month was that rates were only holding sideways for a few days here and there in between strong moves lower. While that certainly makes today's weakness more palatable in the bigger picture, we're always most concerned with the future, aren't we! Rates are still near long-term lows and are still much lower than they were even 2 weeks ago? Good for them! How about next week?! Prediction is a fool's errand most of the time…(read more)

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