MBS Day Ahead: Great News! Maybe…


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It's been pretty doomy and gloomy around here so far this week, what with the spike to the highest 10yr yields in nearly 7 years and what not. So how about an op-ed counterpoint to all the gloom? I'll go ahead and write it myself, since you have to have mild MPD to be an objective bond market commentator anyway. But in the interest of stay objective, I will bring in an opposing personality to write a quick counterpoint. Here goes: Bond Bullish Matt: Remember a few weeks (or maybe it was more than month?) ago when I talked about the 25 and 50 day moving averages? As you know, I don't much care for moving averages as timely indicators of bond market shifts (largely because they suck for those purposes… seriously, don't use them in a reprice risk forecasting routine). But I do…(read more)

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