MBS Day Ahead: How Low Can We Go? And Why Mortgage Rates Can’t…


Posted To: MBS Commentary

10yr yields rallied aggressively yesterday, and for no reason more compelling than a proverbial "snowball rally compounded by technicals and algorithmic trading." Ugh! I hate typing that stuff. It's annoying to be forced to reduce market movement to what feels like a "couldn't come up with anything better" type of explanation. We could also say that yesterday was the market's way of "giving up" after stocks were unable to sustain a bounce back from their rout on Wednesday. A surge lower in European bond yields didn't hurt either. If yields can so casually blast below 1.50%, it begs the question of how low we can go. The answer is complicated, to be sure. Certainly, we already know 10yr yields can go to 1.32%. They've done that before. We can…(read more)

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