MBS Day Ahead: Is Today’s Data One of The Early Clues We’re Looking For?


Posted To: MBS Commentary

By now, it's no great secret that pundits, analysts, and financial firm principals are pontificating on the next economic downturn. Guesses vary, but 95% of them are within the next 2 years. Perhaps as many as half of them are targeting a time frame of 12 months or less. Certainly, trade war potential combined with central bank normalization underpin much of this general thesis, but there's also the simple matter of "economic cycles" combined with the fact that the current expansion has been record-breaking in many regards. Given that the Great Recession was record-breaking in its own right (i.e. it was "really bad"), it's not really surprising that the bounce back could last longer and achieve greater successes than previous recoveries. As such, markets have…(read more)

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