MBS Day Ahead: Lessons From Arthur Lemming, British Dental Association


Posted To: MBS Commentary

Monty Python isn't for everyone, but the old TV series is chock full of life lessons and random knowledge that really helps round out one's trivia prowess. In one sketch, Eric Idle is Arthur Lemming, a special investigator for the British Dental Association. Lemming is attempting to uncover a vast organized crime network surrounding some stolen teeth. In the process of discovering the existence of crime syndicate–the front for which is a bookstore–Lemming persistently exclaims "there's something going on here!" At every turn, the front-man for the bad guys assures him "no, there's nothing going on." While there are entertaining moments later in the sketch, for our purposes, we're only interested in the feigned naivete of the dental crime inspector as…(read more)

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